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Training & Obedience Programs

Enhance your pups training experience with these add ons...

Family (Baby) Integration

Help your furry friend integrate into the family pack, or help your family acclimate to the new pup! If you've got a baby on the way and you'd like to make sure your pup is on board and ready for the big transition ahead, add this upgrade onto any of our  packages for peace of mind and a peaceful pup.

Doggy Pack Walks

Doggy Pack Walks are the ultimate team building exercise. We will go on planned hikes, and walks to various destinations around the Lowcountry. These walks keep your pup aligned with pack instincts; Give access to your trainer, & socialization.

**Pack Walks will be announced over client communication and locations decided "the week of". 

Doggy Chaperones

Hosting an Event and want Us to help keep it Zen? Let US be your Doggy Chaperones; Lets face it, sometimes pups can be rude and recover quickly to play; We HELP by attending, monitoring, recognize unhealthy pack play & doggy on-leash meetings at gatherings or Dog Events.  Doggy Bouncers. Reach out to our Office for INFO

Tricks for


All of our programs teach a good foundation for basic obedience and life off leash, but what about fun tricks? Want to add a couple of speciality tricks that will really impress your friends and the neighbors dog too? Add this upgrade onto any of our course programs to take your pups training to the next level!

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