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The Doggy Lama Philosophy

Zen State Of Mind

We take inspiration for our training methods from several places throughout Animal Behaviouralism and Training Doctrines;  There are many ways to view the world. Of all the practices and approaches to Life;  Zen, is most aligned with the way animals "Think" and live naturally with the  environment. This is Zen. The ancient Buddhist philosophy, which teaches us the importance of living in the present moment. If any Being truly knows how to live in the Now, it's our furry friends within the animal kingdom. 

Dogs living as “Man’s Best Friend” is a widely known and embraced concept. At The Doggy Lama Academy we believe this Unspoken Contract is at the heart of every, Dog-to-Human relationship. Dog owner's are indeed blessed with the opportunity to sign this social contract with their lifelong best-friend. This is a commitment to teach your dog how you would like them to BE as your best-friend, rather than leave life up to chance and probability that our pup will outgrow certain bad habits or behaviours.


The plethora of tricks and approaches to dog training make it difficult to decide on a Training method (or Trainer ) that is "RIGHT' for your families situation, budget and most importantly your Dog's personality.

Understandably some techniques that work for some pups do not work well for others. We make it our goal, to find the best Tools and Language for success with YOUR DOG.


We believe that honouring your dogs natural “parts” (that are parts that are "wild" and descended from Wolf) The Doggy Lama seeks to reveal the sweet and charming House Pet that every dog already is deep down by helping them break through their impulses and habits-- This is Breakthrough Training. We focus on the techniques that are most productive, impactful, and encourage your dog to experience a "Breakthrough Moment". 

We believe in perpetually reaching for your dog's best "Ah-ha Moment" because it is the most effective approach in ensuring the new skills become

From walking calmly on the leash, to leaving the household cat in peace... The Doggy Lama lives for the reaching the sweet moment with our families; The day they see their dog become successful; When pups succeed that first time in an otherwise difficult, sad, or high distraction situation they would normally have failed.

The ultimate goal is to create a language that is so powerful and transformative, that it crosses barriers of species and bridges the gap between man and dog. The Doggy Lama approach teaches Families and their dogs how to strive for reliable communication that grows at the same rate as puppies minds and bodies. The Doggy Lama Academy wants to gift all
Client Families with a deep and meaningful connection between humans and the dogs who become our family members.

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