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John Wolf (JR)

Owner | Specialist Trainer

John (JR) has been a pioneer in his field for over a decade. John specialises in Merging techniques from a wide range of Animal Behaviour fields and disciplines, This enables John to approach each client (dog family) with the utmost sensitivity.  

He made his interest in animals a career choice in 2013 when he attended The Dog Wizard School for Dog Trainers (Charlotte, NC). John studied under the guidance of his mentors and teachers and became a certified animal behaviourist and canine obedience specialist.  He then continued his career as the owner/operator  within the training Franchise here in Charleston, SC from 2015 - 2020.

After a particularly hard year with the pandemic, he decided - what better time than now to branch off and start his own endeavour. Often referred to by his friends, clients and colleagues as "The Zen Dog Guru," The Doggy Lama Academy was born!


Daniel Grovo 

Specialist Trainer

Daniel is an animal lover through and through and an Integral part of the Doggy Lama Wolf Pack !!!

After years spent in the Music and Tech industry he decided to pursue his dream career to become an animal behaviouralist. 

He began working with JR in 2014 as a canine training specialist, focusing on reactivity and rehabilitation, He has since expanded his career and skill-set with the K9 Control team, and studied various training techniques  eventually opening his own company, 'Happy Pup Charleston.'

JR and Daniel continue to work side by side, taking over the Lowcountry, one obedient and "Zen-Pup" at a time!

The Wolf Pack

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